Want to build a community that stays in touch online?

Facebook is all very well, but a facebook page or group isn’t right for everyone or everything. For starters, you’re not in control of it. And how do you tailor it to the needs of your group?

With a site based on BuddyPress (a WordPress component) you’re firmly in charge of your online community. Perfect for clubs, societies, schools and research groups. And in addition why not add some subscription-only features to make a little (or a lot) of money from your members?

Here are just some of the benefits…

  • Members manage their own profiles. No-one needs to know their email addresses.
  • Members manage their own notifications. They subscribe to groups that interest them and unsubscribe themselves. No need for cc: lists.
  • It’s your private community. You set the membership terms. You vet the applications. You can delete content, moderate discussions, ban members… you’re in control!
  • Send private messages to other members without the need to share their email addresses.
  • Document sharing. Upload documents to groups for other group members to access.
  • Add premium content – that can only be accessed on payment of a fee. Again, you’ll be looking at a profit – straight off your site.

And the cost? Start growing your community from only £1499.

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