It’s not a lot of use having a website if no-one visits it, so as an additional service Togethernet offers Search Engine Optimisation which can help you being found when people make a search using Google, Bing or other popular search engines.

The basics

For simplicity lets just talk about Google, as that’s by far the most important.

People enter search words and phrases into Google hoping to find a website that answers their needs. People are lazy, even if they know the website address, chances are they will still use Google to look it up for them.

Google suggests several pages of websites that it thinks may be relevant. What appears in Google’s listing consists of snippets of the text on your site. That can be tailored. It needs to be tailored. It is your sales tool. Doing that is a big part of SEO. Togethernet can help you get this right, by installing software on your site that will help you edit these snippets.

But what if your site is not appearing on the first page of Google search results? Then your snippets will never be read. SEO is also about boosting your site up the search engine rankings and onto page one, for a given search term or a collection of them. Sure, you can appear on the first page in the form of a paid advertisement or bidding on keywords (you pay per click) but that gets very expensive in a very short time. So your money’s better spent on SEO.

Togethernet can produce a report for you that will compare your results with that of competitors and give you action points to improve your results. Do you know what people search on to find your site? Your report will tell you. But do you know what people search on and end up on your competitors’ sites, instead of yours? Your report will give you a good insight into this. Your SEO report will list things you can easily do yourself, if you want to. Your report will also take a look at your closest competitors and compares finding with the results from your site.

Getting serious with SEO

You can have special software installed on your website that will help you when you create new content for your site. One of these software packages is called Scribe. Togethernet is a Scribe affiliate so I can help you get started.

If you are interesting in using Scribe, please create an account by clicking on this Scribe sign-up link or on the banner below, then forward me the Scribe account details. You’ll need a site built with WordPress for this to work (presently, all Togethernet sites are built with WordPress – here’s why!)

But even if you don’t use Scribe, Togethernet can help you make a lot of progress towards better results in search listings, by showing you what needs to be done. So get in touch to discuss your site.